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A Guide to the Best Enfagrow and Else Formulas


As parents, ensuring our toddlers receive optimal nutrition for their development is paramount. Enfagrow’s line of formulas promises to cater to this, but which one aligns best with your child’s needs?

Let’s dive into the details of Enfagrow stage 3 and Else Nutrition Toddler Nutritional Supplement, examining their composition, potential benefits, and considerations, all while guiding you towards making an informed choice for your little one.

Snapshot Overview: Top Toddler Nutritional Picks

  • Best for Plant-Based Nourishment: Else Toddler Drink

  • Best for Comprehensive Nutrition: Else Toddler Drink 

  • Best for Cognitive Development: Enfagrow Premium

  • Best for Sensitive Tummies: Enfagrow Gentlease

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Enfagrow Premium for Cognitive Excellence


  • Enfagrow Toddler contains DHA, iron, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, and folic acid for cognitive development

  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals


  • Supports cognitive development

  • Contains essential vitamins c and minerals

  • Positive user reports


  • Not suitable for children with lactose intolerance

  • Contains corn syrup solids


Enfagrow stage 3 has some specific benefits including:

  • It focuses on cognitive development, thanks to the DHA content

  • The DHA is sourced from Crypthecodinium cohnii oil, a marine source

  • The DHA is combined with arachidonic acid (ARA) and iron, facilitating cognitive growth.

Despite its cognitive benefits, this nutritional drink milk flavour formula might not suit children with lactose intolerance due to nonfat milk powder. Also, the inclusion of corn syrup solids and calcium phosphate may be a concern for some parents.

Enfagrow Toddler Gentlease for Sensitive Tummies

Enfagrow toddler formula contains partially hydrolyzed proteins and is suitable for children with sensitive stomachs, while ensuring no potassium hydroxide is present in the product.


  • Easy to digest

  • Positive user reports


  • Adjustment period needed

  • Lack of travel-friendly packaging options

Enfagrow Gentlease, containing magnesium phosphate has benefits for toddlers' sensitive stomachs. The partially hydrolyzed proteins in the formula are smaller in size and thus easier to absorb, reducing the likelihood of digestive issues.

Bear in mind, your child might need an adjustment period to get used to the formula. We also found the lack of travel-friendly ready to drink bottles slightly inconvenient, but the benefits of the formula far outweighed this minor drawback.


Else Nutrition Complete & Balanced Nutritional Supplement: for Wholesome Plant-Based Nourishment


  • USDA Organic

  • Free from common allergens like dairy and soy


  • Suitable for children with dietary restrictions or plant-based lifestyles

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Over 80% whole food ingredients, including real tapioca, almonds and buckwheat

  • Low in sugar and devoid of dairy, soy, corn syrup, palm oil, and palm olein oil

  • Comprehensive nutritional drink

  • Certified Clean Label 


  • Higher price point (you get what you pay for :))

  • May not suit all taste preferences (though we think it's delicious and our toddlers do too.)


If you’re seeking a Plant-Based option, Else Nutrition is a viable choice. Its formula, free from common allergens such as soy lecithin, dairy and boasting a USDA Organic certification, is ideal for a broad range of toddlers and those with dietary restrictions. 

Else™ Toddler's Plant-Based nutritional supplement certified with Clean Label, is designed for toddlers aged 12 months and above. Packed with essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and vital amino acids, it offers a wholesome alternative to cow’s milk and soy formulas, providing genuine choice beyond dairy. Else™ Toddler is enriched with all macronutrients and over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring complete and balanced nutrition for your little one.

Decoding Toddler Nutrition: What to Look For

It’s vital to know what to seek in toddler formulas. Key nutrients such as:

  • prebiotics

  • iron

  • fatty acids

  • vitamins

  • minerals

A toddler’s diet and regular cow’s milk are often lacking in essential nutrients, which is why a toddler child formula like Enfagrow Premium or Enfagrow A+ can help bolster these deficiencies.

Keep in mind, beyond the age of one, a balanced diet of solid foods should fulfill most of a toddler’s nutritional needs, with formulas acting as a supportive source. Also, while toddler formulas can help address micronutrient deficiencies, some may contain inappropriate levels of protein or added sweeteners, making them less desirable compared to cow’s milk.

Moreover, unlike the strict regulations imposed on infant formulas, toddler formulas do not fall under the same FDA oversight. Hence, it’s advisable to examine product labels and reviews prior to selecting your child’s formula.

Tailoring to Your Toddler's Needs

Selecting a formula that fits your child’s specific health needs is of utmost importance. Consultation with a pediatrician can guide you in this selection process. Both Enfagrow and Else offer products tailored to diverse nutritional needs. For instance, Enfagrow’s formulas, fortified with DHA and iron, support cognitive development.

Else Toddler Nutritional Supplements caters not just to regular dietary needs, but also to restrictive diets. Always remember, toddler formulas should supplement a balanced diet, not replace it as the primary source of nutrition.

In essence, tailoring to your toddler’s needs involves understanding their health status, dietary restrictions, and nutritional requirements. The right formula can significantly contribute to their growth and development.

Understanding Labels and Certifications

Labels and certifications can provide valuable insights into a product’s quality and safety, but it’s also important to examine actual product labels. For instance, a product must consist of at least 95% organic content to be labeled as ‘organic.’ Else Nutrition’s toddler products have earned the Clean Label Project Purity Award, guaranteeing a commitment to quality and purity in infant nutrition.

However, products with 70% to 95% organic content can only declare ‘contains x% organic ingredients,’ specifying the percentage. Those with less than 70% organic content cannot use the ‘organic’ claim but may list which ingredients are organic.

The label must display the name of the certification body that authenticated the product as organic. Thus, comprehending labels and certifications can aid in making an educated choice when choosing a toddler formula. It is important to consult actual product labels to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Navigating the world of toddler nutrition can be overwhelming, but understanding your child’s needs can significantly simplify the process. Brands like Enfagrow and Else Nutrition offer a range of products designed to cater to diverse nutritional requirements, aiding cognitive development, digestive health, and offering plant-based nourishment.

In summary, while both Enfagrow Stage 3 and Else Nutrition Toddler Nutritional Supplement aim to provide essential nutrients for toddlers, their differences lie in their base ingredients, nutrient profiles, and suitability for children with specific dietary considerations. Parents may choose between the two based on their child's dietary needs, preferences, and nutritional goals.

Remember, the right toddler formula can supplement a balanced diet, filling in nutritional gaps and supporting your child’s overall growth and development. So read those labels, consult your pediatrician, and choose a formula that best suits your toddler’s needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a toddler formula?

When choosing a toddler formula, focus on key nutrients like prebiotics, iron, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals based on your child's specific health needs. Keep an eye out for any dietary restrictions they may have. The Clean Label Purity Awards can also help give you peace of mind from heavy metals and toxins.

Can toddler formulas replace a balanced diet?

No, toddler formulas should not replace a balanced diet. They should be used as a supplementary source of nutrition, with the bulk of their intake coming from a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein sources, and dairy or fortified alternatives.

Are all toddler formulas organic?

No, not all toddler formulas are organic. Only products with at least 95% organic content can be labeled as 'organic,' so make sure to check labels and certifications.

What is the Clean Label Project Purity Award?

The Clean Label Project Purity Award represents a dedication to providing high-quality and pure infant nutrition products. It assures consumers of the product's quality and purity.

Are toddler formula reviews reliable?

Toddler formula reviews can be helpful, but it's important to consult with a pediatrician and consider your child's individual needs before making a decision. Trusting professional advice is key when it comes to your little one's nutrition.



The content and advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, advice for specific medical conditions. Always consult a pediatrician to understand the individual needs of your child. The article expresses the views of the brand editor.

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