Toddler Products

12 Months +

"Been looking for a dairy/soy/gluten free option that my little one will drink. Finally, we have a winner!!!"


"This is a great product and alternative to the limited options in Canada. Our 15-month-old is allergic to the milk proteins (cow and goat) and would get bad eczema from it, and for a while soy was the only alternative here. He stays full overnight which is most important, and he loves the taste. No issues so far after being on it for 3 months."


"Our 18 month old toddler grand daughter is moving away from drinking cow’s mild and is doing very well with this."


"Great value alternative to dairy for my little one. It was delivered within 24 hours in a bigger can than I had expected. Smelt great and mixed well using warm water. It had a neutral and subtle taste, and the can has 20+ full servings! Highly recommend to parents who want little ones to live a healthy or plant based lifestyle with complete nutrition!"


"Awesome product that's tastes good. It isn't chalky and mixes nicely. Highly recommend!"